The Fees

We offer a number of options for clients from competitive hourly rates, fixed and agreed fees to monthly or annual retainers, contact us for details.

Please note you do not incur any fee until you have agreed it, so call us today for a free chat.

No VAT – our charges are presently not subject to VAT which means the price we tell you, is the exact price you pay with no hidden extras

Fixed/Agreed Fees

Do you have a one off piece of work, such as a contract or handbook review, or just need advice on whether your legal matter has reasonable prospects?  Our fixed fees range from £80.

We can offer fixed fees for such matters so you know that, regardless of the work involved, you only pay that fee.

Annual Retainers

Legal Advice

Would you like the equivalent of an in-house legal department?  We offer annual retainer services, for a fixed monthly fee from £100 a month, giving you access to legal advice and resources. Contact us for further information on our range of retainers.

Contract Review

Do you want to ensure your contracts and company handbooks are up to date throughout the year?  Our annual contract review retainer, from £100 a month, gives you peace of mind in ensuring you are advised, and your contracts are amended, as and when employment changes come into force.

Monthly Retainer

If you are not sure you need access to us for a whole year, we offer monthly retainer packages from £150 a month.  Great for those times of the year where you know you will need unlimited advice without facing a high legal bill.

Hourly rates

We prefer to work with fixed fees and retainers but if you did prefer to instruct us on a time basis, as we are a small niche firm, we can offer competitive hourly rates without the high cost and overheads passed on from other solicitor firms

We offer cost estimates so you can understand the costs involved and issue regular invoices so you can keep on top of your legal expenditure. See our FAQs for further details.